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Re: [T3] '66 Square Update (a bit long)

Nope.. it is bad for the bearings.....      as stated starting fluid is much more flammable than gas, and also has a more violent combustion.. i have torn apart lots of non-VW engines that have had repeated starting with starter fluid, and the bearings end up scored and and worn (just thing of the starter fluid as
increasing your compression ratio, and pounding your bearings......)

Todd Daley
Ontario, Canada
65 VW Kombi
71 VW Squareback
71 VW Fastback
85 Audi GT Coupe

Per Lindgren wrote:

> "Jaranson, John (J.W.)" wrote:
> > Todd Daley wrote:
> >
> > >>starting fluid (which is REALLY bad for the bearings when used........)
> >
> > I have been trying to figure out why using starting fluid would be bad for the bearings.  I haven't been able to come up with anything.  Why would it be bad for the bearings to just mist a little starting fluid in the throat of the carbs at start-up.  Not that I want to continue to do this, I am just curious.
> I wouldnt say it is bad for the bearings, but it is definitely bad for the rings, as the oil in the cylinders is being washed out by the starter fluid. Especially on 2-stroke engines, is starter fluid bad. And on 2-strokers, the bearings could suffer. Maybe that's what's Todd is thinking about?

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