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RE: [T3] Ground wire? on steering box

> From: jonathan hesby
> Hey all, I was doing the front brakes on my 69 fastback when
> while working on the driverside front I noticed a wire that was
> coming down steering column(the colapsable part on outside) I was
> wondering if this is a ground(that is what im assuming) and if so
> what for, just to mention it my horn is giving me hell
> becausewhen I hook it up, it goes of when i turn the key, I
> figured this was because of it was grounding out on the mounting
> point, but when I isolated thew horn from the body it wouldnt go
> of at all(ie when I was hitting the horn button). Could this wire
> that looks like a ground that is no longer conected be the reason
> why my horn isnt working.                   AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR THE HELP
>                                     Jonathan


That wire IS for the horn, but why your horn blows with it disconnected and
only when the key is on is puzzling.  I can tell you this, though:  the wire
is supposed to be connected there (steering box side of the coupling)
because the rubber insulator gets in the way of providing a good ground for
the horn switch.  Possibly someone before you couldn't find that wire and
tried to provide a ground for the horn switch by some other means (probably
through the ignition switch), and that 'repair' is grounding out when it
shouldn't be.  You will probably need to take the horn ring assembly,
ignition switch clamshell, and maybe the steering wheel off to figure it
out.  Here is a little bit of 'interpreted schematic diagram' that hopefully
isn't too confusing.  Electricity, or electric current, only flows in a
completed circuit - so I will describe what happens when you push the
button: starting at the battery negative terminal, that current flows
through the frame to the front axle (via ground strap because it is
insulated too), through the steering box to your 'mystery wire', and then up
that wire to the spring switch in the horn ring assembly, which you have
compressed.  After the switch, the current continues on to the horn through
the brown wire, through the horn, BEEP!, then through the black/yellow wire
to the fuse box, and through the 16 amp (red) fuse to the always-hot
terminal, which should be third from right.  From there, it is effectively a
straight shot (red wire) to the battery, completing the circuit.  I think
the hard part for you is going to be finding where the extra ground is
coming from, but in all likelihood you should be able to tell as soon as you
get the horn ring assembly apart.  People have a way of improperly 'fixing'
things in a very obvious manner.  Then again, it could be a pinched wire or
maybe something caught in the horn switch itself, which would make the horn
blow all the time.  Maybe in an attempt to fix it, the hot-side wire was
moved to a switched-power fuse, which could also explain why it works when
the 'mystery' wire is connected and the ignition switch is on.

That got way too long, but I couldn't help it... I told my fingers to stop
but they just wouldn't!

I hope that did more help than harm.  If not, email me direct and maybe I
can explain it better or walk you through via instant message or over the

Damn I hate when that happens,
Freddie Lochner
69 Notch
66 Fasty

P.S. - nice job with the hood

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