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[T3] Ground wire? on steering box

Hey all, I was doing the front brakes on my 69 fastback when while working on the driverside front I noticed a wire that was coming down steering column(the colapsable part on outside) I was wondering if this is a ground(that is what im assuming) and if so what for, just to mention it my horn is giving me hell becausewhen I hook it up, it goes of when i turn the key, I figured this was because of it was grounding out on the mounting point, but when I isolated thew horn from the body it wouldnt go of at all(ie when I was hitting the horn button). Could this wire that looks like a ground that is no longer conected be the reason why my horn isnt working.                   AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR THE HELP


P.S to open the front hood after the cable was not attached, I pulled the bumper and b-support off and stuck a long metal rod in and poped it open. No damage, yeah!

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