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Re: [T3] New FI Parts In

On 7 Aug 2001, at 21:07, Mark Healey wrote:

> It looks like 18.  I ohmed out the whole harness against the
> bently wiring diagram  before I went to put it in, so I know it is
> something that should be there and is intact.  IIRC it is connected to
> the cold start valve as well as contact 18 on the ECU connector.
> >Is this a bare crimp connector or is
> >it in a plastic insulating holder?
> Bare crimp, might not be original but it looks like it is.
> About how long is this wire after it
> >breaks out of the main FI harness?
> About a foot and a half.
> >Does it have an extra vinyl
> >cover for most of its length or is it just a short single insulated
> >wire?
> It's two wires in a sleeve going to the single connector.
> On the old harness it goes through a hole in the right side of the
> foward firewall and through a factory hole in the tarboard there.
> I just can't find the connector that the old one is connected to.

This is the wire that runs to the starter solenoid. It connects to the  
terminal that is hot ONLY when the starter is cranking. This sends 
a signal to the brain that you're trying to start the engine, and also 
powers the cold start valve at the same time. The cold start valve 
will only run if it has that power AND if the temp switch is closed, 
giving it a ground.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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