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Re: [T3] oil cooler problems...

BTDT!!! I took a generic 8mm bolt, cut it to proper length to fit the cooler,
fastened it in the chuck in the power drill, and worked on it with a metal file
while it spun @ 3000 rpm. When it was down to 6.1 mm I threaded it with an M6
thread cutter. Now I had a nice adapter that both fit the new Brasilian case and
the type3 oil cooler.

73 Variant L

PunkDork55@aol.com wrote:

> Hey everyone,
>     I wasnt able to install my oilcooler today, because the stud on the new
> brazilian AS41 case of my new stock longblock is to big to fit through the
> hole in my oil cooler... what gives?  were the cases manufactured like this
> to fit late type 1 oil coolers?  i dont think there is any way to remove this
> stud from the case to replace it.. im rather leery of drilling out the hole
> in the oil cooler to make it bigger, but i dont think ill be able to find
> late oil cooler that fits this stud...  and one of the hole looks 8mm and the
> other looks 10mm.. i havent measured, but looking at the seals and stuff...
> they sure dont look the same.. .so  whats the general opinion?  Help me out
> guys, i need to get my car back on the road!
> Thanks a bunch.
> *Jerrod*
> 67 Fastback
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