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Re: [T3] New FI Parts In

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001 08:47:23 -0500, Jim Adney wrote:

>On 6 Aug 2001, at 21:03, Mark Healey wrote:
>> Actually I had some mixed up.  It is the one that b comes out of
>> the harness where the ones that go to the TVS, cold start valve and
>> a bunch of grounds do.  It is two wires going to a singel
>> connector. The old one goes throgh the front firewall to where?
>I can look at a 71 harness tonight. If you can see a number printed
>on the white wire just about 1/2" back from the crimp connector,
>that would pin it down for sure.

It looks like 18.  I ohmed out the whole harness against the
bently wiring diagram  before I went to put it in, so I know it is
something that should be there and is intact.  IIRC it is connected to
the cold start valve as well as contact 18 on the ECU connector.

>Is this a bare crimp connector or is
>it in a plastic insulating holder?

Bare crimp, might not be original but it looks like it is.

About how long is this wire after it
>breaks out of the main FI harness?

About a foot and a half.

>Does it have an extra vinyl
>cover for most of its length or is it just a short single insulated

It's two wires in a sleeve going to the single connector.

On the old harness it goes through a hole in the right side of the
foward firewall and through a factory hole in the tarboard there.

I just can't find the connector that the old one is connected to.

Mark Healey
71 FI auto square
71 FI manual square

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