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[T3] '66 Square Update (a bit long)

Well, I have been spending some more time with my '66 Square lately.  Still 
don't have her licensed and on the road, but I am getting closer all the 
time.  I can get her started and she runs good once I have her warmed up.  I 
still need to fiddle with the chokes to get her to start without some 
starting fluid when she is cold.  Any pointers?

I drained the tranny the other day....only a bit over a quart of gear oil in 
her.  I cleaned the dain plugs and only found very fine particles in the 
oil/sludge around the magnets.  I added new gear oil (80/90W) to the proper 
level.  I will say one thing.....gear oil stinks!  As in, smells really bad.  
Glad that job is over for a while.  I figured the gear oil was low since one 
axle boot was torn and had been for a while.  I have replaced it.

I pulled the wiper motor and switch and the fresh air ducting from under the 
dash.  I POR15ed the inside of the metal bins under the fesh air vents since 
they were starting to rust.  I am really impressed with the POR15 product. (s
ee below for more).  I need to get new drain hose for the fresh air 
vents....mine were cracked.  I also need a new 6V wiper switch since mine is 
shot.  I have a simple toggle switch in there now.

I have started POR15ing the floorpan.  The stuff covers alot and is easy to 
work with....just don't get it on your hands (never comes off)  I like the 
finish it gives and is super tough.  I have even made a compsite with it.  I 
had a few 1" diameter or so holes in the floor under the rear seat opposite 
the battery.  I put duct tape on the underside of the floorpan to seal the 
holes.  Brushed ona coat of POR15, laid a dry fiberglass patch over the area 
and worked the POR15 through it and added more were needed.  Let it dry and 
pulled off the duct tape.  PRESTO!  Nice solid floor pan again.  I took some 
pictures of the process and will post them to my website one of these days.

Well, that's the latest on the Square.  Anybody with a line on the wiper 
switch let me know.  And don't forgot your VWTYPE3.ORG Gear orders!

John Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)
'66 Square (???)

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