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RE: [T3] FI fuel pump.

PunkDork55@aol.com wrote:

>Hey.. how hard is it to find a good used fuel injection fuel pump for a 72?  
>I was looking at a72fasty on ebay, and they said it needed a fuel pump.  Im 
>interested in this car and its only like 10-15 minutes away from me.  Let me 
>know what you think of it. Thanks everyone.

Hey Jerrod, is the car simply "missing" the fuel pump? Probably not, just
that the pump is not working. These pumps sometimes seize up after not 
being used for some time. When I bought my fasty earlier this year, the
PO claimed that the "pump split in two". Before I bought the car, I
searched around for a pump and found anything from $300-$500 for a new
Bosch pump!! A little too much. I simply used this as a buying leverage.
Anyhow, after buying the car, it turned out that the fuel lines were shot
and the pump was leaking from the terminal post/outlet. I had the pump
rebuilt for about $150 with a 1yr warranty. 

Additionally, when I bought my square, the pump ran but when I went to
pick up the car after paying, it would not start. Turned out that the pump
was not pumping. After tapping it with a tire iron, it started working and
has ever since.
Lastly, at the last vdub show that I went to I picked up a used (working)
FI pump with filter holder bracket and connector with uncut wires, for a
measly $10 smacks!!! They are out there from those that have decided to
put their FI systems under the guillotine!!! If the car is at a good
price, buy it!! It might just need a rebuild of the pump or a simple tap,
which I have heard that the rebuild can be done at home....Good luck

Alex Magro
'70 Fastback AT/FI
'70 Square AT/FI
'92 Jetta EcoDiesel

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