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Re: [T3] Aux Air Regulator idea

On 4 Aug 2001, at 11:32, Barry Viss wrote:

> My aux air regulator allows a little air to go through even when the car is
> all the way warmed up.  I have adjusted it all the way to the "less air"
> side, but it is to the end of it's adjustment in that slot.  I have even
> lengthened the slot with a file, but it is still not quite enough.  also the
> threads for the adjustment are almost stripped.  So here's what I want to
> do:  drill a new hole 180 deg (not exactly) from the original hole and tap
> it for a new screw.  I would put the hole in a spot such that it would be in
> the middle of the adjustment range again.  I assume the bi-metallic strip is
> just getting tired. I know that it does still work.  Is there any reason why
> this would be a bad idea?

The repair that you propose will work, but it will not cure your 
"problem." A certain amount of leakage is normal around the valve 
core, they never seal off completely. 

To test your AAR, just wait til the engine is warmed up and then 
put your thumb on its inlet. You will always feel a little suction, but 
the real question is whether you can notice any change in the idle 
speed when you do this. If there is no noticable change, or if the 
change is so small that you're not really sure, then it has closed 

If you adjust it farther off, keep in mind that it will not open as 
quickly as the temp drops, so this may not be a good thing.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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