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[T3] altitude corrector

hi vee dubbers

here is a big ol stinking long link:


if you can't click to it try


search for:


Search only in rec.autos.makers.vw.aircooled



here's the text:


I own such a book, it is "How to adjust, repair and 
rebuild SOLEX 1 & 2 barrel downdraft carburetors for 
maximum performance."  It is published by Motorbooks 
International, PO Box 2, 729 Prospect Avenue, Osceola, 
Wisconson 54020.  Published in 1987.  
ISBN number 0-87938-253-8 (soft).

It was first published by Carbooks, Inc. in 1973.  
Don't know if it would have specific information 
for your particular application, but its general
information and diagrams are priceless.  
You might try your local book store with the ISBN number 
to see if its still in print.

Hope this helps!

- Fat Freddy

Robert Hall <wiens@sympatico.ca> wrote in message
> Does there exist any books that instruct how 
> to rebuild Solex
> carburators? I've seen many books outlining 
> the rest of the engine but
> nothing for carbs. Thanks.
>             Robert Hall
>             74 THING

   ****************end of text***************

so i checked RAMVA's Site@


no post by fat freddy

i'm posting to ravmva and see if any new info is out there

this would be a great addition to the
Obsolete Air-Cooled Documentation Project


while yer there see if you own altitude corrector PN#
211 129 501 and consider if you would be willing to swap for it 


Ken Alford
ICQ #100772897 
61 Kombi
67 Bug

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