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Re: [T3] Fwd: valve problems?

--- EricMH313@aol.com wrote:

> ATTACHMENT part 2 message/rfc822 
> Date: 3 Aug 2001 20:27:31 -0000
> From: "e.m. hildebrandt" <erich@disinfo.net>
> To: ericmh313@aol.com
> Subject: valve problems?
> Hi all,
> I am back to the list after a looong hiatus...I am
> passing along a question from a friend who is not a
> listee. His car is a stock '71 Square, MT/FI that
> has been running poorly (I havn't seen or heard the
> car lately, so keep that in mind...) He brought it
> to a shop & this is what happened...
> They set the fuel mixture, adj. the
> >timing and something else I can't remember and it
> was still running
> >badly. It would run okay when cold but not when it
> gets to normal running
> >temp. It was running so bad when I picked it up I
> didn't know if I'd make
> >it home. I can't make any sense of it. I mean it' s
> running like it's
> >only on 2 cylinders. The guy at the shop thinks it
> may be valve problems.
> >Do you have any ideas? Can I pull my heads w/out
> pulling the motor?  Let
> >me know what you think. 
> PS: I subscribe to the digest, so anyone who
> responds to this, if you could cc me
> (erich@disinfo.net and ericmh313@aol.com) I would
> appreciate it.
> TIA,
> Erich
> .The first thing you should do is a compression test
this will tell you if you have valve problems or rings
 bad , check compression first,wright down numbers all
should be within 10 PSI if one is low squirt some oil
in the cyl and check again if the pressure comes up
the rings are bad if the compression stays the same
the valves are bad ,in ither case if the compression
is more than 10-20 PSI diferrent, it wont do much good
to do a tune up.

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