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[T3] Fwd: valve problems?


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Hi all,
I am back to the list after a looong hiatus...I am passing along a question from a friend who is not a listee. His car is a stock '71 Square, MT/FI that has been running poorly (I havn't seen or heard the car lately, so keep that in mind...) He brought it to a shop & this is what happened...

They set the fuel mixture, adj. the
>timing and something else I can't remember and it was still running
>badly. It would run okay when cold but not when it gets to normal running
>temp. It was running so bad when I picked it up I didn't know if I'd make
>it home. I can't make any sense of it. I mean it' s running like it's
>only on 2 cylinders. The guy at the shop thinks it may be valve problems.
>Do you have any ideas? Can I pull my heads w/out pulling the motor?  Let
>me know what you think. 

PS: I subscribe to the digest, so anyone who responds to this, if you could cc me (erich@disinfo.net and ericmh313@aol.com) I would appreciate it.

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