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Re: [T3] Mystery wire

On Thursday 02 August 2001 11:57, Shirleyclan wrote:
> Well we had some luck, it's amazing how much better the engine ran when the
> timing was set correct!!!!!!!! I did find an additional problem. The
> centrifugal advance was slow returning to the idle position. So I pulled
> the distributor out to take a look at the fly weights. After some carb
> cleaner and a closer look I think I found the problem.  The two springs are
> not the same size! The bigger spring was too long and a significantly
> larger gage wire than the other spring.  All of the distributor's I have
> ever taken a part had two springs the same size. Any ideas? Is this correct
> or another quick fix by the previous owner? The distributor NR is 311
> 905205 AF, bosch 0231172 011.

You would have to look at another '72 distributor to be sure. Bosch and VW 
did some wierd things to get the advance curve they wanted. Those springs may 
be right. I have an 009 distributor here that only has one spring in it. Some 
one on the list said that that was normal.
I think what they may have done, is the lighter spring lets it advance 
partially quickly, then the heavier spring  would take over and flatten out 
the curve. Someplace, on the web, I saw pictures of the advance curves for 
the different Bosch distributors. It may have been the type4.org web sight.

Russ Wolfe

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