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Re: [T3] High Idle - Throttle Valve Switch Problems

On 2 Aug 2001, at 12:21, jim-a-lim wrote:

> Hi all,
> My car's idle is still high.  I adjusted the throttle valve switch (a few times, in case
> I was wrong the first try) per the bentley manual to no avail.  Also, the accelerator
> cable is not stuck and the throttle valve is closed.  I then popped open the switch to
> make sure the contacts were clean (this had obviously been done before).  Is there any
> way I can test the switch itself to make sure it is working?  It is a 5-connection switch
> and, although my car is a 1969, and it is likely to be a 1972 engine.

It sounds like everything has been changed to a 72 engine. You will 
have to just treat it as such. Does your distributor have both a 
vacuum advance and retard (vacuum can with 2 hoses?) If so then 
that is the 72 dist also. If your retard has stopped working then you 
will have a fast idle.

You can check the vacuum units by sucking on a hose that you 
connect to it. With the engine off you should see the breaker plate 
in the dist rotate when you suck, or you should hear the idle speed 
change if you do this with the engine running. In either case you 
should not have to keep sucking, the can should hold vacuum.

> I am curious, though.  in the literature section of vwtype3.org from the Clymer manual,
> it uses an ohmeter to (re) adjust the throttle valve switch.  It says to 'Connect an
> ohmmeter (set to R x 10) across contacts on switch plug'.  Does that mean I would connect
> all 5 contacts to the Ohmeter?  I'm trying to nail down this problem so that I can drive
> the car.  This problem appeared out of nowhere and has been taking a while to fix.  But I
> guess I'm learning all about the FI parts in my engine. 

You need to find the section about adjusting the 72-3 throttle valve 
switch. For this, you will need to connect your meter across 2 
particular contacts on the switch, the ones that change state just 
off idle. Adjust the switch so that this contact changes state as 
soon as the throttle starts to move.

In general, there's not much good to be said for the Clymer 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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