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[T3] High Idle - Throttle Valve Switch Problems

Hi all,

My car's idle is still high.  I adjusted the throttle valve switch (a few times, in case
I was wrong the first try) per the bentley manual to no avail.  Also, the accelerator
cable is not stuck and the throttle valve is closed.  I then popped open the switch to
make sure the contacts were clean (this had obviously been done before).  Is there any
way I can test the switch itself to make sure it is working?  It is a 5-connection switch
and, although my car is a 1969, and it is likely to be a 1972 engine.

I am curious, though.  in the literature section of vwtype3.org from the Clymer manual,
it uses an ohmeter to (re) adjust the throttle valve switch.  It says to 'Connect an
ohmmeter (set to R x 10) across contacts on switch plug'.  Does that mean I would connect
all 5 contacts to the Ohmeter?  I'm trying to nail down this problem so that I can drive
the car.  This problem appeared out of nowhere and has been taking a while to fix.  But I
guess I'm learning all about the FI parts in my engine.  Thanks.


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