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Re: [T3] Auto transmission

On Wednesday 01 August 2001 22:10, Peter Legault wrote:
> Our Type3 is running fine. I would Like to do some preventive maintenance
> on the auto transmission.
> It runs fine and shifts fine. The only problem I find is it those kinda
> somewhat clunk when shifting.
> It feels like backlash perhaps it is the CV joints I'm not sure.
> How do I go about checking the CV joints for wear?
> Also (back to the subject)what should I do to keep the auto transmission
> running fine. I assume draining and changing fluid would be helpful. Is
> there a filter I can change or any other PM I can undertake to preserve
> this gem?

There is a filter screen inside the transmission. You have to remove the pan 
to get at it. I changed mine a while back. I purchased it from my local "Big 
A" parts store. It came as a pan gasket and the filter. Brand name was "ATP". 
It will take about 3 quarts of ATF to refill the trans. I had trouble with a 
couple pan bolts breaking. I guess that is the problem with a trans that was 
bone dry on oil leaks. 
Do Not, I repeat, Do Not over tighten the pan bolts when you put it back. 
There is a torque on these bolts, and it is not very much.
As for the "clunk", check the bolts at the front transmission mount. These 
are known to come loose. Where they fasten the mount to the transmission 
case. When I pulled the automatic trans from my parts car, one was missing, 
and the other was loose.

Russ Wolfe

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