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Re: [T3] wraparound indicators

Daniel Baum wrote:

> What exactly are parking
> lights for? I have never been to a country where you are supposed to turn on
> lights when parking. Surely all this would do would be to run down your
> battery.

If you are parking along a trafficated road, you switch on your parking lights
so other trafficants will see your car and not hit it whaile traveling by at
great speed. It is for their safety and your cars value.

> I did once have a 1987 Passat though which had an elaborate (and
> nonfunctional) system which allowed you to turn on the lights on one side
> using the indicator switch. Apparently the Type 3 had a similar system.

Yes, my 1973 Variant has this, as does my 1992 Audi. It is for lighting only one
parking ligth at a time (left or right) so you wont run down your battery as
fast. This function does not light the instrument lights either.

> Would anyone care to explain what the side marker lights were for, if not as
> a second pair of indicators, and which colours and functions were used in
> which countries? Also, just on a point of general information, what are you
> supposed to do with the lowest headlight setting?

In some versions these are the "one side only" parking lights, other versions
they are side turn signals.

73 Variant L

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