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Re: [T3] Mystery wire

On 31 Jul 2001, at 9:58, Shirleyclan wrote:

> the
> timing was set using the Bentley manual. The picture in the Bentley
> isn't really clear but the timing calls for 5 BTDC (engine code X).
> Looking at the pulley at TDC is the first line, then small space, next
> line (5 BTDC), then small space and two lines next to each other.  The
> Elfrink book shows a pulley with marks that are close.

This sounds like you need to advance your timing about 5 deg.

The timing marks for 72-3 look like this: |   |   | |. They mark -5, 0, 
5, 7.5 deg, so you need to be timed to the third mark from the left 
with the retard hose off, idle adjusted down. Then attach the retard 
hose and readjust the idle. You can then verify that the retard has 
pulled the timing back toward the -5 mark (first mark on the left.) 
The Elfrink book probably shows the earlier 68-71 marks which 
look like: | | |    | .  

This will improve your low end.

> The fuel pressure is set at 28 psi, I've been told I should raise
> it to about 35 psi, haven't done that yet. Maybe I can get to it
> this weekend. I am fairly sure the mechanical advance is working
> because when my vacuum advance can went bad, I could feel the
> mechanical advance kick in. Above idle it runs like a champ! 

Don't increase the pressure above 30. That will just pollute. If you 
have a timing light you can see the timing advance when you up 
the rpms. 

You won't get the vacuum advance to do anything in the driveway, 
it only comes into play while cruising. It does nothing while 
accelerating either. I know that this is counterintuitive, because we 
all know that there are other dists where the vacuum advance does 
everything. The vacuum advance that is part of the dists which also 
have mechanical advance use the vacuum advance in an entirely 
different way. These dists, including all the FI dists, use the 
vacuum advance ONLY to supplement the mechanical advance 
under conditions of partial throttle and light load. This is done by 
controlling where the vacuum pickup is drilled. So we get NO 
vacuum at idle, and none at medium or full throttle.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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