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Re: [T3] wraparound indicators

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From: Daniel Baum <dbaum@isdn.net.il>
> Would anyone care to explain what the side marker lights were for, if not
> a second pair of indicators, and which colours and functions were used in
> which countries? Also, just on a point of general information, what are
> supposed to do with the lowest headlight setting?
In the US they have an additional lamp in the side of the front indicator
housing which is illuminated along with the side-lights (ie the lowest
setting on the light switch). That's what I'm talking about on those
"Canadian" indicators.

Other markets don't have this feature. What us Brits might call side-markers
are either the small teardrop shaped indicator repeaters just fwd of the
doors, or a red/white parking light. This parking light is like the feature
on later VWs which allows you to switch on the lights on one side of the car
using the indicator switch. In the UK in the '60s it was compulsory to leave
a red/white light on the outside of your car when parking down an unlit road
at night. The small one fitted to Type3s saves on battery power as it means
just leaving one 5W lamp lit instead of all four corners plus the number
plates and dash.

OTOH the parking lights still don't work on my car.

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