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Re: [T3] engine noises etc....

i had the same exact problem in my '67 square.  Its like a rattling,
knocking noise, pretty indescribable really.  Its not a knock though, after
exhausting efforts of trying to figure out what it was, i finally just had
the motor rebuilt and it was gone.

Maybe loose piston??

anyways i still have overheating problems and its only a stock 1600.  Out of
all my squarebacks and all my motors, i have never had one that i felt was
reliable or "cool" enough to drive out of town, the car never breaks down,
but runs hot all the time, any solutions??
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Subject: [T3] engine noises etc....

> well i have an engine noise that's becoming more and more evident.  i have
> no idea how to tell what its from.  heres the symptoms.  i used to only
> it when the engine was hot, ie when the temps were up there and i drove it
> hard.  it would make the noise when a load was put on or accelerating or
> low rpm's.  my best descriptiong of the sound is someone tapping the
> with a hammer.  not super loud, but definetley audible in the front seat.
> it seems to have a random pattern, and only lasts for a little bit before
> goes away.
> i haven't heard this noise for a while since the temps have dropped.
> but yesterday was a little warmer, and took my car for its longest voyage
> yet, 50 miles roundtrip.  on the way back home the noise popped up.  and
> happened more often.  low rpms, going up hills, accelerating, etc...in
> words it only happens when i have the gas on, at idle it purrs like a
> (or maybe like more like a lion).  its that "tap tap tap...tap tap" then
> goes away and then comes back. sometimes its more of popping sound than a
> tapping one.  i know the engine was hot, the oil light was flickering at
> idle during the last 10 miles back.  i know i know my engine is beat and
> seen its better days.  but my plan is to make it through the winter, over
> spring break in march i hope to have rebuilt engine done and put
> in....anyway.  what's up with noise?  as far as gas goes, i'm running
> 92 or 93 octane and the timing was right on last time i checked (so i
> knock is out of the question).
> thanks in advance...
> mark
> 70 square fi
> ps.  oh yeah....my starter problems were due to the battery, i put a brand
> new die hard in yesterday and she fires up instantly...its a feeling i
> explain in words......
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