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Re: [T3] Restoring a Fastback

Well to start with you can plan on rebuilding the ENTIRE brake system, new
tires and battery, rebuild and clean out the entire fuel system.  If the
motor got hot enough to burn up the pistons that quickly something drastic
was wrong and the bearings are no doubt damaged too as well as a warped
( cracked heads.
difficult to tell how bad but Id plan on a complete rebuild if you want a
reliable car.

On the bright note it sounds like the ideal car for investing this work in
and well worth while.  You dont have to invest anything in the body!!


> From: Tpstr@aol.com
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: [T3] Restoring a Fastback
> Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 8:15 PM
> Hello all.  I've been lurking on this list for a few months, but am now
> finally getting around to doing the project I signed up for.  Here's a
> lengthy, but slightly funny story.  My dad has a '67 Fastback with 40K
> sitting in my grandmother's garage.  In the early 70's, it gave my mother
> particular) all kinds of trouble, so my dad parked it in the garage and
> left it for 10+yrs.  When I was a teenager in 1981, we kicked around the
> of letting me drive it for school.  We worked on it a little while, got
> started and running.  Noticed the tires were awfully low on air, went to
> parent's to get tire guage.  Both of us went inside for some unknown
> left it running (hadn't started in 10 years, why kill it now and not have
> restart).  Come back outside less than 1 minute later, car's gone. 
> Abducted, Robbed.  Hasn't run in years, but it's taken.  Must be really
> desperate thieves.  Here's the humorous part.
> Get a phone call three weeks later "How much do you want for the
Fastback? I'm
> a VW collector"  Ask where is car and how did you find it?  It's parked
> halfway down 12 mile long, no exit, Interstate bridge west of New Orleans
> (where I live, found us through license check).  Go out on bridge, find
> tow it back to grandma's.  Ironic in the 6 mile walk the thieves had back
> civilization. :)  Thieves burn up pistons on Interstate.  Father takes
> out of body, changes pistons and stops.  (Another long story) Car sits
> 1981-present.
> Now here's the question.  Are there any things in particular I should
> out before trying to rIhis Fastback with checkered past?  Upon
> inspection, there is no apparent rust to the body, the motor looks in
> shape.  I think I'm  contemplating getting it running again.  Anything I
> should be aware of in a Fastback that has run once in 25 years?
> Thanks for listening,
> Tim
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