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RE: [T3] Restoring a Fastback

Sounds like a neat project! It's so much more fun when you have a car with a
interesting background story and/or it has been in the family since long

First: Get a Bentley, Haynes or Clymer workshop manual. Read and learn!

Pay special attention to the brake system - change the brake fluid (pref. to
DOT 5 silicone type). Adjust the brake shoes. Look for cracks in brake hoses
and rust on the metal fluid lines. Check the tires for cracks or flat spots.
Lubricate the front suspension beam (four grease nipples).

Change the engine oil - remember to take ou
SXean up the oil screen,
too! Refill with Castrol 15/40 or other quality oil. 

Check and adjust points, dwell and timing. Check ignition wires. Put in new
plugs. Use Bosch ignition parts if possible. 

Check and adjust the valves to .006, following Bentley instructions.

Check and eventually clean up the carbs (assume you have carbs) and the fuel
pump. Make sure the fuel lines aren't clogged up and that the pump is doing
it's job and doesn't leak fuel down the crankhouse. Put a in-line fuel
filter in the line from the tank, where it connects to the pump.
Important! Check, or better: replace all fuel hoses. They are often clogged
up and/or leaking. You don't want to go down in flames...

Replace and adjust the fan/generator belt! Very important for cooling the
engine (if it should start, that is... ;-)  )
Put a fresh battery under the back seat , say a little prayer, and turn the

If it starts up and everything seems normal, let it run for about 15
minutes, and then change the oil again.

Just my personal ideas - please do also check with list gurus like Jim Adney
and Keith Park for more/better advise. Also try scan the list arcive...

Good luck!

Karl-Olov Sandin
Ornskoldsvik, Sweden
-73 squareback E

-My private e-mail? Mailto: karl-olov.sandin@telia.com  

>   I think I'm  contemplating getting it running again.  Anything I
> should be aware of in a Fastback that has run once in 25 years?

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