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Re: [T3] type3-d Digest V99 #172

In a message dated 3/29/99 8:04:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, Ahc60@aol.com

> it has gas is the presser reg. bad or fuel pump how can i check it and to 
> see if the injectors are working

not sure i totally understand your rather long sentence, but here are some
you say the injectors aren't working, then you ask how to check. remove them
from the intake manifold, and reconnect the gas lines and power supply. then
turn the engine over, and you should see gas being sprayed out of them both.
do you get a whirr, then a click about 1 or 2 seconds later when you turn on
the ignition? if so, your pump and relays are probably ok.
check your fuel pressure: you can get a $5 pressure gauge from home depot.
connect it with some F.I. hose to the tee either between injectors 1&2, or 3&4
- there is a screw on it that you simply remove. you should have 28-31psi when
cranking, and it shouldn't fall very quickly after you stop running the pump.
if it does you have a leak somewhere.
have you changed the fuel hose, or is it the original stuff? you really need
to change it if it's original: it will fail soon, and could all end in tears.


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