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Re: [T3] carb guru wanted

I hope the following is clear, since I'm working from the manual rather
than by looking at the carbs.  As you say, there are two tubes:-

The accelerator pump tube (towards the centre) aims at the edge of the
throttle flap that goes down when you open the throttle, and gives a squirt
when you open the throttle, as long as the accelerator pump is working OK.

The second pipe (outside of the throat) is the 'power fuel pipe' that
operates under the vacuum conditions at full throttle, when the air rushing
through the venturi produces a low enough pressure.  Blipping the throttle
wouldn't make that nozzle operate.

The carbs are mirror images of each other, so the pipe towards tͮe
on your right carb is the accelerator pump discharge tube, and should
squirt the same.  They can block up, or it could be the diaphragm is
faulty.  If you can't get a diaphragm with the right shaft, I am told you
can remove one from a 34PICT-3 and fit that to the original shaft.  I've
not had to do that, so I can't confirm how easy it is.

I've got full details of what all the choke parts do, among lots of other
information in the factory handbook.  If you are really interested to know,
I could do some scans.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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From: Ginger D.&Peter P. <gingerd@teleport.com>
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Date: 28 March 1999 08:02
Subject: [T3] carb guru wanted

>(stock dual Solex, no darkside gang here ...  what the heck are all
>those gismo's inside the choke cover, springs and levers that don't
>seem to do anything!)
>    What I noticed is weird is when I "blip" the throttle the left and
>right don't squirt gas the same way.  The inside  of the left opening
>are two brass tubes pointed down into the throat.  The right tube
>(inner side of car) squirts gas in a nice stream.  But over on the
>right carb, the left tube (inner side of car) just drips the gas in,
>no nice stream.

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