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Re: [T3] carb guru wanted

Is the accelerator pump diaphragm part of a rebuild kit?

The lower butterfly pivot has some play, and both carbs seem to be dirty
there.  As if gas might leak out slowly and the dirt sticks better.  This is
rebush time correct?  Does anyone know where in PDX I might get this work done?

I think the chokes0king properly now.   I watched them move as the car
warmed up and though not exactly synched, they were close.  Most importantly
(?) they eventually opened up all the way.  But no, it doesn't make sense
inside there.  My Clymer doesn't show the PDSIT-2/3 choke parts.  What is the
basic priciple of a "fast idle kickdown"?

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

Keith Park wrote:

> Your accelerator pump diaphragm is shot or the tube is plugged.
> Note that all the stuff in the choke is for the fast idle kickdown system
> and on my solex's they had been assembled wrong, perhaps from the factory.
> Look at it, the pictures in clymer and see what makes sense and make sure
> its assembled that way.
> AND NO they will never work properly over the whole temperature range, heck
> mine wont track properly at all.
> Keith
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