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Here's the latest on the sick FI engine.

I checked the resistance of the cylinder head temp sensor, it was ~2100
ohms.  The troubleshooting chart says it should be no more than 2500.  I
couldn't get it out, so I accept that as good.  Incidentally, the '73 sensor
and a new one I bought have about the same resistance.

I checked the fuel pressure, and it was a constant 33 PSI.  Adjusted it back
down to 30 PSI.

I replaced all 4 spark plugs (I was using NGK BR6HS) with Bosch W8AC plugs.
Saturday while my friend's dad (the type I guy) was helping me get the car
back to my house, we cleaned all 4 plugs, which were black with soot and he
sprayed them with WD-40.  Also hit the inside of the distributor cap.  It
got replaced today too.  NO, I didn't think this was the best plan - I tried
to shake as much off as I could discretely to avoid insulting him, but
that's why they got replaced.  When I pulled them out, 3 were fouled and
smelled like (you guessed it) WD-40, and the #3 plug seemed to be the only
one running - and except for a bit of soot, really didn't look bad.

I now think that maybe the excess fuel pressure was leading to a rich
condition that ultimately fouled the plugs.  I drove the car all day today
and it ran well, but I still think that one cylinder may not be running
right - it kind of jerks a bit like it's missing.  I noticed when th­ ĝ%ressure gauge was hooked up that it would lose a couple of PSI within 5
minutes - could be a leaking injector, I haven't checked them thoroughly.  I
have had a #3 injector stick open and it gave similar symptoms.  I'll check
them when I get a chance.

Jake Kooser

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