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[T3] Vinyl Protection Products and such

The best source for both information and products
for protecting vinyl, rubber, etc is at:

They compare different products, tell what they do
or don't like about them, what products to avoid,
and why (like Armor All).  After reading and 
reviewing this site, I decided on a list of products
and spent a LOT of time driving around to find them
locally.  I shoulda bought them from Car Care,
prices in line with local shops.

So far in using them on my '87 non-VW, they work
great in cleaning old vinyl, and the protectants 
leave a nice finish that doesn't attract dust like
some did (when I was foolish psĘo use AA).

On to other subjects:
VW coils have a resistor built in.  From personal
experience, if some slacker puts in a coil without
an internal resistor, it WILL burn out your points 
in about 200 miles, and that will be the beginning 
of many weird seemingly unconnected symptoms.  If
in doubt, replace the coil with a good one from a
VW knowledgable shop.

I checked the fuel tank sender on my '67 and found
no copper thingy.  I'm the second owner, and have
never messed with sender.  Had it since '78 when it
had 98K on it, everything appears to be original 
and untouched on the fuel tank.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk awaiting ressurrection 
Grass Valley CA

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