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Re: [T3] T-shirt question before we vote...

Erkson, Toby wrote:
> The T34 is something I've been struggling with in my mind.  What is it?  It
> looks like a custom KG.  But is sits on a T3 pan and has a T3 drivetrain.
> See what happens when you leave a KG and a Notch alone in the garage
> together?!  

>Just imagine if the engineers at VW left a Square and a Porsche
> 356 together...oh wait, never mind, we already have Tom Cloud's Fastback :)

Hey!! wait a minute! Hummm, a SB and a 356? Strange but interesting
It might be an even closer match after I install that T4 1.8 engine!?

> I've yet to see any in-depth discussions about the T34 in our list.  I'm
> guessing the T34 volk are in the www.vwtype34.org mail list since it is such
> a specialized creature.  That's where I'd be if I had one.  Personally, I
> don't feel bad excluding the T34 because it is so specialized.  I don't
> think that its 'type' should confuse the matter.
> My opinion,
>    Toby Erkson

I agree. The T34's have their own !> - I'd be pretty sure that
they don't
include too many Fastbacks into their disscusions. Just my opinion since
I don't
subscribe to their list.

Tom Cloud
'69 Fastback!  (The 356 + SB cross?)

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