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RE: [T3] Anybody remember the T-shirt contest?

	The image (vwtype3.org logo) is basically non-tshirtable.  It's
not "fixable" in the sense that it can't be upsampled -- information can't
be added to it, so to speak.  It's kind of like a haircut:  you can always
remove, but there's no going back.

	You'll be able to cast a vote for every shirt:

	o Excellent!
	o Fine, I'd wear it.
	o (no opinion)
	o wouldn't be caught dead

After voting, you'll be sent a confirmation number by e-mail.  You'll need
to reply to this message.  When Jake gets your reply with matching e-mail
and number, he'll validate that voter number and your votes get counted.
This reduces the opportunities for fraud.  Also, Jake won't setes
you made:  he'll just get the conf. number and will check it as valid in
the database.

	The point of the four-tier voting system is this.  If everyone
only got one vote for a single shirt... you might have half the people
with shirt A as favorite, and the other half wikth shirt B as favorite.  A
people hate the B shirt, and B people hate the A shirt.  However,
*everybody* thinks that the C shirt is just wonderful.  This more
complicated voting system is designed to result in a winner that a whole
lot of people feel really happy about.  (That's the point, huh?)

	Stay tuned!


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