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Re: [T3] Huge displacement on a FI engine?

I was thinking the same thing but hadent thought about a T4 fi system.  what
if you used all T4 fi stuff and T4 heads and just had them machined for the
cylinders you want in there? you may be able to switch the air distributor
and previus stuff to a T4 setup,  or what if you just put the whole T4
engine in there?  of course youave to beef up the mounts a little
bit but it may work if the bell housing lines up correctly.  i talked to a
guy who actually built a 1776 fi T3 engine and *he*said it worked great,
then i asked another guy about it and *he*said that after a while, it
started getting really bad milage, and it took the guy a couple of days
fidjiting with the fi to even get it to run.  thats why i decided to go with
a carb setup on my 70' square.

and on taking out a T3 engine being easier than a pre-71 bus...... i
actually havent done anything easier than removing a bus engine :)

parts needed:  carb linkage for stock solex 32 pdsit
                          bushing kit for above carbs
                          stock air cleaner
                          fan housing tin that goes around the fan/generator
and top
                          dual 40mm kadrons complete(for the thing) :)


73' thing
70' square

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