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Re: [T3] late model rust

I was talking with a friend who has a body shop about vinyl and paint
protection. (this may have been covered before but I'll pass it on anyway)

According to him it is the silicone in the products that will really do the
damage. Silicone breaks down and oxidizes when exposed to UV rays. When you
use a wax or vinyl protection product with silicone the silicone will
penetrate the vinyl or paint and as itdown it will damage the paint
or vinyl as well.

I had a little bit of oxidation on my notch and he gave me a bottle of
Meguir's Mirror Glaze to clean it up, did a great job. He said the Meguir's
does not contain silicone and therefore would not contribute to the
oxidation problem.

The only product he recommends for dash/vinyl is Son of a Gun, again no
silicone. I just picked up a bottle today, I'll let you know how it seems
to do. I'm hoping it will do a good job of cleaning as well as protecting. 

I have the original dash and it does not have a single crack, so I am quite
concerned about protecting it. I've heard that some products will actually
damage the vinyl over time. Right now my only protection is a piece of
canvas cut to fit over the dash, I put it in place when I'm not driving.

Keep on Ruckin'

> From: John Jaranson <johnj@grandnet.com>
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: Re: [T3] late model rust
> Date: Tuesday, March 23, 1999 10:24 AM
> Another thing that contibutes significantly to the rust around
> the windows is the UV light.  The UV light attacks the paint and
> breaks down its protective qualities....allowing the metal
> underneath to rust.  Southern coastal cars typically rust out on
> upper surfaces that are exposed to the sun and to salt spray
> (places like the rain gutters, vents on either side of rear
> window, window frames, tops of fenders, etc.....
> We almost never see this kind of rust in the salt belt (i.e. cold
> northern states)  Our cars rust from the bottom up due to the
> road salt and we don't get as much direct sun.
> Hmmmmm....i wonder how hard it would be to section a T3....bottom
> from Florida nad top from Minnesota.....8^)
> Later,
> John Jaranson
> '71 FI Auto Fasty (rusty bottom...clean top)
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