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Re: [T3] insurance claim advice :(

On 22 Mar 99, at 11:09, Greg Merritt wrote:

>  Found a note on the windshield of the '69 this morning; goes
> perfectly with the new DENT in the left side.  (Looking on the bright
> side, at least somebody left a note!)
>  Looks like he swung a tad wide when parking next to the Square,
> and pushed in an area just forward of the left rear wheel.  After just a
> quick inspection\rning, it appears to be confined to the rear
> fender. 

This is just about the best place I can think of to get hit. There is 
nothing going on under there, so as long as it didn't get to the door 
opening you should have no trouble. You should check under the wheel 
well; if it got to the area where the wheel well lining meets the 
fender then I think they will have to remove the fender to straighten 
the liner. They will argue that this is unimportant; you should argue 

It may be to your advantage to help remove the fender. You will 
probably be more careful about the interior panels, the rear bumper, 
and the tail light wiring than they will be. The usual body shop 
practice is to just cut any wires and then splice them back later. 
This repair lasts about a year, if they do it right.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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