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[T3] insurance claim advice :(

I just started reading a long list of accumulated email, so forgive me if
some one offered similar advice.

My brother just had some dents fixed in his Dodge Caravan. One of our
cousins were playing in another car and shifted the car into neutral ( a
Nissan Pathfinder ) it rolled into the back of the Caravan an pushed the
rear door in a little bit. He went through the typical insurance deal,
getting estimates ( which were in the $$1100 range ) and decided to call a
guy that repairs dents using a new wire rod method. I'm not sure what it
is called, but it really works. What he does is ( in new cars he has to
drill holes in the inside panel ) work these rods, massaging the exterioĦA”back to the original shape. No paint, no bondo. He also removed some
hail damage in the roof and hood. All of this for only $175. If there
isn't any damage to the paint, and the panel isn't crimped, this is a
great way to go. My brother received a check from the insurance company
for about $1000 and had $800 left over. The best part about the whole
deal, the bodywork voodoo man came to my brother's house and performed the
work in the driveway. Anyone else had this done?

Phillip Bradfield - Portland, Oregon

'63 Notchback w/ 68 pan - waiting for brake, electrical, and carb work
'68 Squareback - waiting for '67 euro fenders and front clip  
'69 Squareback - chopped 3 1/2" currently getting the drip rails shaved
'96 Jetta GL - Neuspeed P-Chip and short shift kit, that's all for now

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