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Re: [T3] Body Work Cont.

Hello Travis,
My advice is to make friends with some body shop folks. Fix a dent, drive it
by a shop, and have it critiqued. Be patient, bodywork is not an instant
gratification. I use my SO's brother-in-law for information, if I didn't
have Stan it would be more difficult than it already is. Practice painting
on something. I prepped and painted two pieces of heavy equipment to begin
with. Next I did a two tone paint job on a bicycle frame for my sister. I
used Glasurit 55 polyester base coat in two of my VW colors  (sea blue and
Baltic blue), and covered it with Glasurit clear coat. Beautiful.

Next I am going to paint my 67 Fasty, but first I need to weld in
replacement rockers. That is a whole new skill to learn.

Good luck,
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From: Travis Campbell <ycleped@HOTMAIL.COM>
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Date: Monday, March 22, 1999 12:38 PM
Subject: [T3] Body Work Cont.

>After reading over your responses, I'm starting to warm up to the idea
>of getting all of the painting supplies and doing the painting my self,
>or at least trying (getting the dents out still scares me). So is there
>anything I should consider before I round up the dough (bear in mind I'm
>a 16 year old kid with absolutely no experience in this area).
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