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Re: [T3] couple questions for the list:

Whitney isn't necessarily all bad, I buy stuff there ocassionally.
The deal is that I can probably go down to the local VW place(or
could, I think they've moved or gone under) and get known name-brand
engine parts for about what Whitney sells them, plus shipping.  You
don't know what they're shipping for PC sets, could be Mahle, could be
Cima, could be Mexican, could be????.  You just don't know and the
order-takers wouldn't know either.  Last local price for Mahle 87mm
sets was $149, I could get refurbed rods for about $4@ and sets of cam
and main bearings ran about $10 or so.  It's been a while.  You really
don't know what you need until you get the case split.  You might need
a new cam and followers or an oil pump, too.  If you've got a running
engine, just accumulate parts until you can do the job right.

You won't find a T3 sunroof in Whitney.  There were some pop-up types
available at one time, I toyed with sticking one of those in to
eliminate a hole I had for a CB antenna.  If you can find one, you can
get a factory sunroof off a wreck and get it welded in, you'd have to
find a really good body man to do it.  Also they tend to be pretty
complex mechanically, that's why I was looking at the pop-ups.  Check
out the ads in some of the VW mags, there might be some manufacturers
still around.

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999 21:31:26 +0000, you wrote:

>Hello All:
>Couple of questions:
>Has anyone ever used the "High-Performance Engine Rebuild" Kits from JC
>Whintney?  I can almost cringe at the comments coming, but I have two
>type 3 engines and I want to build an FI as a replacement/rebuild for
>the one I have.  Problem is I don't have a lot of cash and so cheap is a
>necessity.  The kit changes the bore to 87mm which puts displacement
>about 1650 cc.  What do you all think?  Retails for 219.99.
>And... I'd like to put a sunroof in my square.  Has anyone on t%>done this?  Where can I get one?  I like the looks of the one in the JC
>Whitney catalog but it has the curvature for a bug.
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