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RE: [T3] mystery switch...

I'm told it's for the gas heater (a la 'Instant Air'), but you'd have a lot
of funny looking things and holes in your trunk.

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	I have this switch that came out of my 65 notchback. The car
originaly went
	to France. As I was un-wiring my car, to paint, I completely
disassembled her.
	Well, this switch. 
	It was located directly (somewhat) below the wiper/squirter knob,
pointing down
	towards the floor. I know its a VW switch, as its stamped into the
	on the back. Its kind of rectangular/square, about as big around as
	quarter(sorry to non-us). There is an ivory knob on it. It has 3
	with 2 being connected to long thick yellow wires running up to and
	snipped off, in the spare tire well on the left(lhd). The third
	wasnt connected.
	The pic. on the NONA accesories page has the switch in a similar

	Any ideas....anyone?
	I have pic's posted on my "in the works page".

	65 notch middle of the road grey, with 6V.

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