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Re: [T3] Fuel Guage Sender Cleaning

They're both rather aggressive solvents, both will eat some plastics,
particularly acrylics, keep them away from your paint job.  I don't
recall any plastic parts on my sender at all, except for the gasket,
some type of synthetic rubber. I think the insulators for the riveted
parts were fiber.  The float was cork, I think, but don't remember
exactly.  Another solvent which is pretty safe and does dissolve some
of the old gas crud is naptha, also sold as VM&P naptha(varnish makers
and painters).  This is also good for removing label goo from plastic
surfaces,  I also use it for prep solvent when painting.  Handy stuff
to have.  You could still use acetone or MEK, just don't dunk the
assembly and walk away.  Use Q-tips and rags to do selective cleaning.
You probably need to get the wires clean, and the float rod.  You can
also probably dunk the aluminum shielding can and make sure the inlet
holes are cleaned out. The first thing I'd do is run a continuity test
to see if they're worth cleaning up.

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999 14:51:02 -0400, you wrote:

>So, I've got two senders, each gummed up with fuel tank molasses.  Can I
>use acetone or MEK to clean them?  or will either or both of these
>chemicals destroy the plastic parts?  I'm not used either of these
>chemicals before.
>BTW, if I don't destroy one (or both) of these in the cleaning, I'll
>have an extra.
>Eric Forsman

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