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Re: [T3] My C V joint

On 22 Mar 99, at 7:23, Allen Moore wrote:

>   When I took the drivers shaft off (Look out for flying debris like
>   mud and junk!) I found a CV joint shop literally down the street 
>   and around the corner from me that cleaned up the shaft and the 
>   joints for 10 bucks (US)!  In about 30 minutes, I got a sparkling
>   set of joints and a like new drive shaft back, and they checked 
>   it for balance too!  However, I was horrified when I examined the
>   CV joints.  The outside ones inner race looked like the balls 
>   were trying to cut a new one groove in the opposite direction!  Some
>   really deep cuts were in there!

I assume these were the old ones and that they are now replacef╚c´BTW, you might
>   want to wear some surgical gloves when packing the CV's.  Man, it
>   is a MESS!!! Yucky, gooey but thankfully not stinky! 

The black stuff is the moly (MoS2)

>   that shop was out of the molybdenum
>   grease.  The CV place said that they haven't heard of anyone using that
>   stuff in years, they said they recommend this Quaker State stuff called
>   FSL, or something like that which is a high temp green grease made for
>   CV joints.  

Lubricants change, and usually for the better. I am surprised that 
the moly greases are going out of style, but I haven't shopped for it 
for several years.

>   As with the rear axle oil (Hypoid 90) no longer being readily 
>   available, I had to use the Penzoil "4096".

Any GL-4 should be fine.

  Is the same going
>   to be true with the CV joint grease soon?  NLA?  Would that 
>   green lithium based stuff be ok? 

CV joints are here for the long run. If there is grease for them, use 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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