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Re: [T3] My C V joint


  Been there, done that this weekend.  As you all will remember, I had 
  no up and down movement on the drivers (US) side drive shaft, just 
  an easy in and out movement compared to the passenger side shaft. 

  When I took the drivers shaft off (Look out for flying debris like
  mud and junk!) I found a CV joint shop literally down the street 
  and around the corner from me that cleaned up the shaft and the 
  joints for 10 bucks (US)!  In about 30 minutes, I got a sparkling
  set of joints and a like new drive shaft back, and they checked 
  it for balance too!  However, I was horrified when I examined the
  CV joints.  The outside ones inner race looked like the balls 
  were trying to cut a new one groove in the opposite direction!  Some 
  really deep cuts were in there!  On the inside one, it wasn't
  so bad, but these are the originals with 151,000 miles on them.

  Since the passenger side CV's look fine, and sound fine and have
  no play and are not easily pushed in & out like the other ones 
  did, I decided to let them go for the time being.  BTW, you might
  want to wear some surgical gloves when packing the CV's.  Man, it
  is a MESS!!! Yucky, gooey but thankfully not stinky! 

  Here is a question for you all.
  I figured I'd buy my CV joint grease from the CV joint shop as
  all they do is CV joints (with a two year unlimited miles warranty)
  I already had my CV joints, but that shop was out of the molybdenum
  grease.  The CV place said that they haven't hear>Fone using
  that stuff in years, they said they recommend this Quaker State
  stuff called FSL, or something like that which is a high temp 
  green grease made for CV joints.  I told them no thanks as I usually
  try to follow the Bentley/Muir as close as possible. I then went 
  to several shops (Auto Zone, High Lo, etc) to find the correct  
  grease.  I finally found some at High Lo, and the can looked 
  ancient!  But since the seal was unbroken I bought it and used

  As with the rear axle oil (Hypoid 90) no longer being readily 
  available, I had to use the Penzoil "4096".  Is the same going
  to be true with the CV joint grease soon?  NLA?  Would that 
  green lithium based stuff be ok?  It may be awhile before the
  passenger side gets done.  


  Allen Moore 
  1970 Squareback 



James Harding wrote:
> There's some movement and the clicking noise has been confirmed by a ew
> friends (with more mechanical knowledge) too.
> Guess I know what my next job is....

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