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Re: 2tone? & fender match

Fenders are same from Aug 69 on (they may have extra holes for trim and
side repeater flashers).
Only two tone factory Type 3s I've seen were both Squarebacks with Sea blue
lower and Pearl white roofs.  Order codes have two paint colour codes, but
they are almost always the same number.  i.e. The VW system allowed it, but
maybeč‰ĺdn't actually produce it much.
With the Beetle, the side panels can look good a different colour.  Maybe
the Elm green (L60D) is the colour you saw (on my Type 3 page on the
website).  There is a deep sea green also, but I don't know what it looks

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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From: Michael Geurink <geurink_brasil@bigfoot.com>
To: type3-d@vwtype3.org <type3-d@vwtype3.org>
Date: 21 March 1999 03:38
Subject: 2tone? & fender match

>73 front fenders will fit a 71 won't they?
>Nuther thing.  I'll, of course, want to be giving my square a brand new
>color job.  I currently have the original, typical, & (I think) somewhat
>boring beige.  Maybe that's the color name - Boring Beige.  Anyway I was
>thinking 2tone.  Maybe a dark forest green like I've seen on type 3s
>particularly one I saw on a web page in England I think. Green over &
>with beige in the middle.  I've seen it occasionally on type1s, but never
>a 3.  Is there anything the factory did in this direction?  Any pointers
>would be helpful.

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