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Re: [T3] distributer spring. etc.

On 20 Mar 99, at 16:08, Ginger D.&Peter P. wrote:

>     While I was in the distributor I removed the plate under the
> pionts to clean things out.  Down under there are the centrifugal-type
> arms, but only one set had a spring.  I looked like other arm had a spring
> mounting point, but it was empty.  I believe this is one of the
> aftermarket distributors everyone calls "009" (part #0 231 178 009 also
> says JF4 and 450).  Should there be two springs?

You'll note that the last 3 digits of the Bosch part # are 009, so, 
yes, this is a "009." Some distributors only came with one spring and 
sometimes someone removed one to get a faster advance curve; this is 
an old high performance trick. I don't know which of these applies to 
your case.

>     What is the correct Bosch condensor for this?  My parts place sold me
> #231 083 017, but the old one was #237 330 280

I did a rather exhaustive test of caps at my favorite foreign car 
garage many years ago and discovered that ALL the Bosch condensors 
had the same capacitance. The only differences were the mountings, 
the lead lengths, and the connectors. So if it fits, it's fine.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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