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Re: [T3] FI Fuel Line Routing Queries ('73)

On 19 Mar 99, at 20:23, Dave Hall wrote:

> >"...  A FI tank has a collar around the outlet >
> >Yes, the late bus tanks have a baffle also.  It helps to keep the pump
> >from sucking air into the loop when you are cornering hard
> Anyone know how the fuel gets into the space inside the baffle?  A club
> member said a couple of gallons gets trapped outside the baffle.  Are there
> holes, slots or what?  Any ideas on cleaning the muck out?  My Carb tanks
> don't seem to have any baffle, but it may be an age difference.

That "collar" is actually a cup with a bottom that is tacked to the 
bottom of the tank. The fuel outlet with the screen sticks up through 
1 hole in the bottom of that cup, and the FI return line pokes up 
just a tiny bit through another hole.

That second hole is the same size as the opening in the fuel return 
line, spaced just a bit above it, and "dimpled" upward, so fuel from 
the "outside" can flow under the cup and will then be "pumped" into 
the inside by getting caught up in the return flow. This will keep 
the cup full even when the rest of the tank is almost empty. 

I figured that it was a way to squeeze the last drop of fuel out of 
the gas tank before it would run out.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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