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[T3] To be or not to be...

Hello all,

Just thought I'd take a moment of your time and ask a question or 2 or

Whilst thumbing thru "How to rebuild your VW air-cooled engine" by Tom
Wilson, I decided to look up my engine number.  Found the page in the
book (33), d that my engine code O (oh) is a '63-65 1500
engine.  Note says based on 1200, no cam bearings.  Looking at the pic
on pg. 35 showing the fuel pump mount and the distributor mount, mine
looks like the one on the left (40 hp).  By the pic on pg. 36, it is  a
late model, as evidenced by the "D" shaped passage.  Pg. 36, 3rd column
states "Don't forget the 1493cc engines that are more a bored-out 40 HP
than anything else.  They have small oil passages and 6mm pump studs. 
These cases have a O ("oh") number code ...".  My case has 8mm pump
studs, which just means the 6mm could have been removed in favor of
8's.  I have/need cam bearings.  They are in the engine now.  It rotates
like silk (no plugs in yet).  It also has dual relief valves.

My question:

What do I have???????

I bought all parts for a 1600, and everything is fitting together
nicely.  Should I follow the assembly directions for a 1600?  Everything
else I have done has been for a 1600, so I'm rather confused about the
case code.


C-ya@tmgbbs.com  http://tmgbbs.com/cya
'95 CBR9 FeRRari red (now) w/ '93 bodywork
'71 VW Squareback

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