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[T3] Body work...Erratum

In yesterday's long-winded missive I made a "typo".

While extolling the virtues of doing one's own (minor) body work, I said:
    "I bonded with my ride"

It should have read:
   "I Bondo-ed with my ride"

But seriously, folks, while doing autobody work is not for everyone, I feel that most of us would benefit from doing at least some part of the job.  It is feasible to do some sanding, priming, dent removal...the general prep work.  This must be carefully and patiently done, however, for paint will not conceal a crappy surface.  Then let a professional shoot the color if you lack the equipment, space, patience, skills...or nerve.

Part of the reason I do my own body work is that I am always too broke to afford a professional job.  In my life, it's "get some money, spend the money, wait for more money"...a situation unique, I am sure, to me.  I will freshen up  the body  on my Square and repaint it this summer for, oh, probably $200 or less for consumable materials.  The guy down town would want $2000 for the same work....and that would be an absolutely fair price considering the time-intensive labor he would invest, not to mention his overhead.

I have no quarrel with paying professionals to do the things that I cannot do.  While I can't see paying a mechanic $60 an hour to unscrew bolts to remove and dismantle my engine, I would say his fee is a bargain when it comes to doing machine work and other precision chores which are beyond my resources.  Likewise, I can't see paying to have someone do hours of sanding of which I am capable. The secret is to know one's abilities and one's limitations...or to be broke and/or cheap, whichever.

Try doing some body work.  You will learn a lot about your car and...youself.

Phil (bash it again!) Dillard

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