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Re: [T3] FI Fuel Line Routing Queries ('73)

On 18 Mar 99, at 10:52, Forsman/Harris wrote:

> There are two holes in the fuel pump mounting plate 

The pressure output hose from the pump goes out one of those holes, 
through the damper, back through the other hole, and to the left fuel 

I now suggest:
Forget the damper and the two holes. Route the hose directly to the 
left fuel line.

> Also, it's not clear to me where to position the fuel dampner, other
> than the fact that it goes between the fuel pump and the left (pressure)
> line through the tunnel.  Is there supposed to be some sort of mounting
> bracket I'm missing, or is the electrical tape spider's web stock?

The two holes above "hold" it.

> Finally, can somebody explain to me the reason for the three
> inlet/outlet pump, and the seemingly extraneous line from the low
> pressure return line to the pump.  The system I'm more (slightly)
> familiar with is the late bus one, which runs all the fuel back through
> the tank to function as a heat sink and to keep the pump from recycling
> air bubbles--or so I've heard.

1) intake from gas tank connection with hex nut via fuel filter
2) pressure output (via damper) to the left fuel line
3) overpressure bleedoff line routes back to the tank in case a 
pressure line gets pinched somewhere.

> BTW, was is the approved procedure from removing the gooey black tar
> stuff that is the product of bad gas that has sat in the tank for years?

If it's mild, ignore it. Otherwise you try calling radiator shops. 
Many of them do this service.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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