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[T3] FI Fuel Line Routing Queries ('73)

Stan wrote:

"On every FI T3 I've seen, the damper was on the front side and hoses
went back to the pump on one side and to the pressure line going to the
engine on the other."

Why run hose to the front of the beam just to put the dampner there?

"...  The filter bracket is missing on many T3s, I had a hard time
finding one.  In which case, the filter just dangles, too.  ..."

I have two extra filter brackets, BTW, in case there's anyone else out
there who'd like to put an end to their filter dangling.

"...  I used some caterpillar grommet material I got from an electronics
place to cover the edges of the holes, the fuel line is cloth covered,
but I still wanted some chafe protection.  ..."

I agree entirely.  I have one original grommet, and planned to dig
around in my box of unsorted rubber bits for another like it.  I'm leery
of high pressure gas spraying around.

"...  Make sure you're hooked to the right tube under there, there's two
on an FI fuel tank.  One has a "sock" screen filter on it(replace it
now), ...."

Are these available?  I just noticed that sock this evening, after I
pulled out my fuel guage sender, which had become immobilized by the goo
(BTW, earlier I described it as "black" and "tar like," though closer
inspection of a thin smear of the stuff showed it to be a reddish
brown.  The glop coming out the gas tank nipples looked darker).
Anyway, I had figured I would just clean it in whatever stuff dissolves
the goo.

"...  The third outlet onwp is a pressure relief ....  Kind of a
safety thing."

Hmm.  I wonder how much pressure pump produces, given a blockage.  That
might explain why, when I first got the pump running, the pressure line
from the pump popped off the front end of the metal line through the
tunnel.  Does anyone know what the difference was that required such a
feature on the T3 but not for the fuel supply for the late busses?

"...  A FI tank has a collar around the outlet which could get damaged.
I think its purpose is to keep fuel flowing when there isn't much left
in the tank.  ...."

Yes, the late bus tanks have a baffle also.  It helps to keep the pump
from sucking air into the loop when you are cornering hard (especially
necessary if your type3 has an anti- sway bar!) or, in the case of a
bus, careening wildly.

"...  Hope all this helps out.  ..."

Yes, indeedy.

Eric Forsman '73 Square
Baltimore, MD

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