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Re: [T3] FI Fuel Line Routing Queries ('73)

This is one of those areas that you really have to see a stock vehicle
to see how the factory intended things to go.  Bentley's pictures
leave a little to be desired and I'm not sure I've seen the way it's
really supposed to be done, but here goes.

The plate that fills the right front axle hole has two hose holes in
it.  On every FI T3 I've seen, the damper was on the front side and
hoses went back to the pump on one side and to the pressure line going
to the engine on the other,  The filter is mounted(supposed to be,hx in a bracket that sits on top of the pump, the legs are held
together with a cotter pin(anyone know of long enough replacements?).
Oh yeah, the pump is mounted on two moulded rubber mounts with studs
out both ends and is on the back side of that plate in the axle
opening.  The damper just dangles on the front, I've seen none that
had brackets. The filter bracket is missing on many T3s, I had a hard
time finding one.  In which case, the filter just dangles, too.  I
used some caterpillar grommet material I got from an electronics place
to cover the edges of the holes, the fuel line is cloth covered, but I
still wanted some chafe protection.

On the three lines.  You've got one pressure line out of the pump,
goes through the damper to the line to the rear.  You've got one
suction line from the tank through the filter(filter before pump).
Make sure you're hooked to the right tube under there, there's two on
an FI fuel tank.  One has a "sock" screen filter on it(replace it
now), the other is a return tube from the loop.  The third outlet on
the pump is a pressure relief and hooks up to a three-way that goes
into the tank return and also has the loop return hooked into it.
This does the same as the bus, returns fuel to the tank.  The pressure
relief doesn't pass much gas unless the line is plugged or kinked or
the valve fails(has happened to me a bunch with old pumps).  Kind of a
safety thing.  So the line isn't to the pump, the line is from the
pump to the tank.  Bentley does have a diagram here.

I run the pressure line back over the pump through the outermost hole,
the connect to the damper, then from the damper through the inner hole
to the hard line to the rear.

One of the VW mags had an article in the March issue(VW Custom?) about
reconditioning gas tanks.  The method involved rattling chains around
and lots of acetone.  It was remarkable how big the chunks were that
they got out.  You've got to be careful with that, though, A FI tank
has a collar around the outlet which could get damaged. I think its
pus to keep fuel flowing when there isn't much left in the
tank.  The same issue had a bunch of T3 stuff, like welding in a front
clip, best issue I'd seen for T3 stuff in any mag.

Hope all this helps out.

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:52:18 -0400, you wrote:

>Ok, I've got my gas tank out and my new FI fuel hose, and I'm almost
>ready to replace the hoses in the front.
>There are two holes in the fuel pump mounting plate (which was missing
>from my square); and I'm assuming that these are for the fuel lines that
>run to/from the fuel tank, though this is not how the PO did it--his
>system, sending the fuel lines over the top of the axle beam, resulted
>in a crimped fuel tank return line, and a mess of gooey electrical tape
>everywhere.  I'm curious as to which hole is for which hose, though only
>the orientation of the fuel filter seems directly related.
>Also, it's not clear to me where to position the fuel dampner, other
>than the fact that it goes between the fuel pump and the left (pressure)
>line through the tunnel.  Is there supposed to be some sort of mounting
>bracket I'm missing, or is the electrical tape spider's web stock?
>Finally, can somebody explain to me the reason for the three
>inlet/outlet pump, and the seemingly extraneous line from the low
>pressure return line to the pump.  The system I'm more (slightly)
>familiar with is the late bus one, which runs all the fuel back through
>the tank to function as a heat sink and to keep the pump from recycling
>air bubbles--or so I've heard.
>BTW, was is the approved procedure from removing the gooey black tar
>stuff that is the product of bad gas that has sat in the tank for years?
>Eric Forsman, '73 Square
>Baltimore, MD

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