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Re: Fasty & Furious!

Well, I've been fighting mine for a few days, too.  Pump wasn't
running and the pump relay clicked, so I figured the wiring or the
pump motor were at fault.  Pulled the pump and got a gas bath, hooked
it up to a spare battery, ran like a top.  Put it back in, plugged it
in, the car started.  Drove my other car to work anyway.  Came back
that night, wouldn't start, no pump.  OK, so I've got an intermittent
somewhere, only this time, no pump relay.  So checked the main relay
and it was clicking and I was getting power out of it.  So back to the
engine compartment and the twin quick-connect that goes to the control
box.  That was it, moved the wires with the ignition on and the pump
was cutting in and out and the injectors fired like castenets.  Turns
out it was a bad crimp on a quick connect terminal where the wire had
broken months back and I'd repaired it with a new terminal.  A recrimp
got i(
d again.  Still drove the other car in this morning.  I'm
going to solder those terminals so I don't have that particular
problem again.  

You've really got to have the FI diagrams in Bentley and be methodical
about it.  Substituting parts is a good troubleshooting method, but
only one at a time and you'd better be really sure about their
condition.  And like this time, it's not always parts.  I could have
subbed for weeks with this thing and had a part-time car, just because
of the intermittent nature of the problem.  The engine had enough
vibration to keep the wire in contact with the terminal most of the
time to keep it going.

My procedure is to check for the pump sound and if you've got the
pump, check to see that the injectors fire( on my '71, I depress the
accelerator and they fire with the ignition on).  If the injectors
fire, I pop the hatch and check to see that the ignition working.
Have had the  distributor pop up and disengage with the drive slot.
You go nowhere really fast.  If that's OK, I get out the spare
distributor and plug in the trigger point plug and see if the
injectors fire from that while spinning the rotor with my fingers.  At
this point, I've always found the problem, or am about to find the
problem.  The only time I went further is when I first got the car,
the PO had butchered everything and I found a whole lot to fix.  I ran
Muir's list of tests in that case, pulled the  control box and ran
continuity checks on everything.  Found about a half-dozen messed-up
wires and a whole bunch of blitzed connectors.  Took most of a morning
to do.  But after correcting all that, it fired up first time.

>On 15 Mar 99, at 23:00, James Harding wrote:
>> My gripe is that after changing only SOME of these parts last week, she
>> fired up and ran for a couple of hours then problems started.
>> Car stalled and I couldn't start her.  Took Fuel Pump fuse out and tried and
>> after a couple of goes she ran albeit for a little while.  Put fuse back in
>> and the same thing happened!

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