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Re: [T3] Body Questions

1.  Fenders are where you can find them.  Some listee might have a
spare for sale if you can say which side.  Alternatively, have the one
you've got fixed, if it isn't too badly crunched.  I wished I'd kept
all the old ones I threw out, there was nothing wrong that a little
welding couldn't have fixed.  No welder and no space to store at the
time, though.

2. Yup, a nice big circular "VW" on the nose.  Emblems and similar
trim can be hard to find, Rocky Mountain Motor Works has some
cataloged, but not cheap. 

3.  I believe you are looking for fender welt, which is different on
T3s than bugs.  Good luck finding original-type stuff.  You can use
bug stuff, but it doesn't fit right and spaces the fenders too far

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:52:40 EST, you wrote:

>1. How and where do I go about finding a front fender.
>2. On a 73 Square was there a VW emblem on the front of the storage lid???
>Mine ain't got one.
>3. What is the stuff called that is stuck between all the body panels???
>Somebody put a different front quarter panel on mine and didn't replace any of
>that stuff.  I want to have it repainted this summer and need to put some in.
>'73 Square (Daisy)
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