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[T3] Distributor

Thanks to everyone for their input.

I suppose I was just making conversation more than considering actually
swapping it out.

I have the original carb which is the rare 32 PHN-1 side draft setup and
I'd like to keep it as original as possible.
The distributor is a rebuild because I allowed a mechanic to tell me the
old one needed to be replaced. I figured since it wasn't the original part
and I was having trouble figuring out which points I actually need that I
might solve that problem and improve performance by swapping. 

Just thinking too much I guess.

On a different note:
This mechanic thing...It's one of those unfortunate situations were I
didn't trust myself to work on the car. It was so pristine that I was
afraid to work on it. Instead I took it to somebody who I thought I could
trust. In retrospect, I could really kick myself. It's been two and a half
years and I'm still angry. This car is my pride and joy, to him it's just
another VW. The car currently has around 31,000 original miles and now that
I've been doing everything myself I'm finding it is in great shape. I new
it looked great from the outside but until I started climbing under and
around the engine myself I was so sure about the mechanical. I now see thi0,thing is still there, it's not beat up, not rusted, not wore out. I of
course would like to keep as many of the original parts in place as
possible, this guy was just too eager to pull and replace.

Well I guess I have no one to blame but myself. I was too trusting and not
critical enough.
What's the point?
Do the work yourself. If you can't do it yourself, don't just take a
mechanics word for it. A mechanic has no emotional ties to your car. Ask to
see the situation/part yourself then ask someone you can trust, like the
people on the T-3 list. At least they will give you some alternatives and
suggestions rather than just pull and replace.

Bill (saddened by my stupidity)  

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